Feature Film by Sofiene MAMDI

Released in theaters on 15th September 2021 

Now Available in VOD in 8 Languages (VOD LINK) 

Director: Sofiene Mamdi
Technique: Bogdan Kipkalo
Cinematography: Adonis Romdhane
Sound: Sean Dwyer & Antoine Legros
Writing & Production: Sofiene Mamdi
A. D.:Julie Chojnacki & Ismael Deswarte | Production Designer: Louise Peraldi| MUA: Margot Wibaux | Ass.Image: Delphine Touzet | Colorist: Geoffrey Kenner

With Sofiene Mamdi, Constantin Leu, Cecile Fisera, Julien Romano, Solene Salvat, Macha Isakova, Lara Mistretta, Louis Fisera, Guillaume Rousselet, Anthony Pho, David Comello, Fred Aklan, Wendy Grenier, Philippe Nicaud, Zoé Lou.

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